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Math to fit your personal style
and unique students.

Study Time

...Learn and Appreciate Math Concepts as they were ordered by the Creator.

Grade 7 / 7th Grade Study Time Math
Thinking Deeper with Numbers & Concepts

• Unit 5 is based on history and includes multiple references to church history and Christianity. There are also references to God two poems and in the explanation about dates (AD and BC).
• Both Metric and Standard measurement systems are taught.

Study Time Grade 7 Teacher
• 296 pages, hardcover
• shows the student workbook pages with the answers in red
• gives additional teaching suggestions
Study Time Grade 7 Textbook
• 360 pages, hardcover
• 129 Lessons Plus Reviews
Study Time Grade 7 Tests and Drills
• 6 two page tests
• Time Drills for all units
• Answers are included in the Teacher Manual